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Island "Isola del Garda"

Island The “Isola del Garda” is located on the West Coast of the Lake Garda, between the gulf of Salò and San Felice, and it's a property of the Borghese Cavazza family. Particular features of the island are huge parks, unspoilt nature and neat Italian and English gardens. For this reason, in 2008 the aisle became a member of Grandi Giardini Italiani, a network of picturesque and open to the public gardens of Italy. The guided tours of the Villa and the garden have been organised since 14 years.
Over the centuries, the island was usually named after the name of the owners, i.e. insula Cranie (from the Roman times), island of Monks, Lechi island, Scotti island, de Ferrari island and later Borghese island. This place was exploited as a meditation centre for monks and hosted important people, among which Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Anthony of Padua.
Nowadays, the aisle has become a tourist destination. Travellers will surely appreciate not only the fragrances and colours of the nature, but also the stunning architecture in neo-gothic Venetian style of the villa.
The tours must be booked at least two hours in advance and are available in Italian, English, German and French. The island can be reached from severals harbours. The crossing from Salò, Portese, Manerba und San Felice del Benaco Gardone lasts 15 minutes, while from Sirmione, Torri del Benaco, Bardolino, und Garda is about half an hour. The price is between 16 and 32 Euros (depending on departure port and the age of the participant). The fare includes round trip with the boat, the guided tour and a welcome drink. And who does not want to miss a thing, there is also the opportunity to attend concerts surrounded by the stunning nature. The artists and musicians play their songs in this enchanting place with cypresses and breathtaking views. Not yet convinced? Further information can be found on the webpage, or asked per email
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